Introducing The Online Learning Transfer System Inventory

Use the Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI), the only scientifically validated assessment in the world, to identify the barriers and catalysts to learning transfer in your organization. The world-renowned LTSI measures 3 key areas that influence whether learning transfer occurs. Trainees complete the 48-item online survey immediately after training. The results are presented in an easy-to-read report that includes possible causes and action steps for each barrier identified. Ongoing use of the LTSI ensures that the organizational transfer system is barrier free and supports learning transfer.

  • Ability

    Content Validity

    Transfer Design

    Personal Capacity

    Opportunity to Use

  • Motivation

    Motivation to Transfer

    Learner Readiness

    Performance Self-Efficacy

    Transfer Effort-Performance Expectations

    Performance-Outcome Expectations

  • environment

    Supervisor Support

    Supervisor Sanctions

    Peer Support

    Personal Outcomes - Positive

    Personal Outcomes - Negative

    Performance Coaching

    Resistance to Change

  • Transfer Of Learning

Why Use the LTSI

Having valid and reliable measures enhances transfer because practitioners can use the LTSI to:

  • Assess potential transfer factor problems prior to conducting major learning interventions.
  • Follow-up on evaluations of existing training programs.
  • Investigate known transfer problems.
  • Target interventions designed to enhance transfer.
  • Incorporate evaluation of transfer as part of regular employee assessments.
  • Conduct needs assessment for training programs to provide transfer skills to supervisors and trainers.
  • Improve the organizations transfer system

Using the LTSI to manage your Organizational Transfer System

1. Conduct LTSI Transfer Diagnosis after each learning intervention:

  • Training participants complete LTSI.

2. Review Results:

  • After participants have completed the LTSI, results detailing the barriers and catalysts to learning transfer are provided.

3. Review Transfer Improvement Strategies:

  • Review the recommended action strategies to improve each factor identified as a barrier by the LTSI diagnosis.

4. Manage Organizational Transfer System:

  • Keep track of learning transfer barriers and catalysts across all learning interventions.

Detailed Reports and Action Plans

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